Dennis Frehse was born in October 1979 in Hannover, Germany. He showed interest and talent for music at an early age but it wasn’t until the age of fifteen that he started studying the drum set. Dennis learned and developed quickly and soon drew interest from local musicians around his hometown. By the age of seventeen, he started working with various jazz bands and also joined some music competitions.

In 1999, Dennis auditioned for the prestigious Berklee College of Music, got accepted and received a scholarship. In January 2001 he moved to Boston, USA to start his studies at Berklee and he graduated in May 2004. After graduation Dennis stayed another year in Boston to gain more experience from the vital and lively music scene around New England. A few highlights from that time are concerts with some of his mentors like Hal Crook & Dave Santoro, being featured on a masterclass DVD by Joe Lovano under the title “Developing a Personal Approach” (Berklee Press) and being member of saxophonist Mike Tucker’s Quartet. In 2004 Dennis was chosen to travel to Japan and France as leader of a student ensemble to represent Berklee College of Music.

In 2005, Dennis moved back to Germany, first living in his hometown Hannover before moving to the city of Duesseldorf in 2006. He started playing various gigs and concerts around Germany and surrounding countries and also became active as an educator in both private lessons and workshops. Musicians he had a chance to work with during this time include Branford Marsalis, Martin Sasse, Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr, Olaf Polziehn, Thomas Rückert, Michel Reis besides many others.

In February 2009 Dennis moved to Japan. He is currently a member of trumpeter Tomonao Hara’s Band, Seiko Matsuda’s “Seiko Jazz” and freelancing with various groups and musicians.  Since coming to Japan, Dennis has worked with Makoto Ozone, Paquito D’Rivera, Sadao Watanabe, Seiko Matsuda, Dan Nimmer, Kengo Nakamura, Junko Moriya, Tomonao Hara, Kazuhiko Kondo, Yoshiro Okazaki, Shiro Sasaki, Lisa Ono and Jun Abe besides many others, on stage and in the recording studio. 

Since April 2019, Dennis is teaching drums and ensemble classes within the Jazz Course at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Kawasaki.

Dennis has released two CDs as a leader in Japan. “trifoje” (2012) and “rollin’ “( 2014), both on 78Label.

 Dennis is an endorser for CANOPUS drums, Zildjian cymbals and Regal Tip sticks & brushes.





高校卒業後、ハノーファーの劇場にて公演されたミュージカル “Anything Goes” のジャズオーケストラメンバーとして出演。97年、99年と、ハノーファー・ジャズコンテスト“Winning Jazz”に出場し、ベストヤングプレイヤー賞、ソロイスト賞を受賞。また99年の“Jugend Jazzt” ファイナルコンテストにて特別賞を受賞する。


在学中、Joe Lovano、Hal Crook、Dave Samuels、Joe Hunt、 Casey Scheuerell や Mark Walker等に師事する。Dave Samuels、Joe Lovanoとは学内のコンサートで共演するなど、多くの経験を積む。また2003年には “Quincy Jones Award” を受賞。

さらに Berklee-Press 制作によるDVD “Developing a Personal Approach” にJoe Lovano のマスタークラスメンバーとして出演する。2004年、パフォーマンス科を主席で卒業。

その後もボストンを拠点に、Hal Crook、Dave Santoro、Mike Tucker、Bruno Råberg や Darren Barrett 等と演奏活動を重ねる。また、バークリー音楽大学選抜バンドのリーダーとして、日本やフランスツアーにも参加する。




2013年にはリーダーアルバム “trifoje” を、78LABELを主宰する小説家・今野敏がその才能に惚れ込みリリースに至る。

代表的な共演者として、小曽根真、渡辺貞夫、Branford Marsalis、Paquito D’RiveraDan Nimmer、Hal Crook、Tony Lakatos、松田聖子、中村誠一、原朋直、守屋純子中村健吾、近藤和彦、佐々木史郎、小野リサなどが挙げられる。

デニスは CANOPUS ドラム、Zildjian シンバル、Regal Tipスティックのエンドーサーである。