Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons / Drum Coaching

Do you want to learn to play drums or brush up your existing skills and bring your drumming to the next level?

I am not only an experienced music performer but also a passionate music educator teaching drums, improvisation and music making for more than 20 years. Currently I am teaching in the jazz course at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music (Kawasaki/Japan), and I give private drum lessons to students of all kinds. In-person or online, no matter where you live.

Private Lessons

I love working with a wide range of students from complete beginners to advanced and experienced players. Anybody interested in exploring the art of drumming with me is welcome!

My motto is: “Every student is unique”. Therefor I use creative and individualized approaches for each student, depending on their musical interests, goals, learning style and needs. My goal is not only to provide my students with a thorough understanding of drumming and music but also to make playing drums and being creative an enjoyable and enriching experience!

My expertise is jazz drumming, improvisation and everything related, but I am a versatile musician and can play and teach you many styles of music as in Rock, Pop, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop, …

Besides that, building a solid overall foundation is very important and I want to make sure that you get what you need to be able to go any direction you want with your drumming and your music in the future. This will include learning proper technique, developing a good sound and control, musicality, reading, and learning to play various musical styles.

Lessons are available in English, German or Japanese.

Sounds interesting?
Get in touch with me and let’s meet online in Skype or Zoom. I will be happy to talk to you directly and to answer any questions you may have.

Online Drum Lessons

Most of my private drum lessons are held online using the new online music lesson platform Forte or alternatively the well-tried classics Skype and Zoom.
I have worked with students this way across Japan, Germany, Taiwan and the USA, and as long as you have a stable internet connection, it works absolutely fantastic!
I have developed a good system for teaching online and you will be suprised how well it works and how personal it feels.

Online drum lessons are extremely convinient and time saving. You can study drums from the comfort and safety of your home or while on a business trip from your hotel room, … as long as you have laptop or tablet and a pair of sticks you are ready to go!

Get in touch and ask for a free test online-lesson. Experiencing it first hand is always the best.


One 60-minute lesson / 7000 JPY

Lesson Package (online lessons only)
4x 60-minute lessons / 25.000 JPY *

* If you want to study regularly with me, you can purchase a batch of four lessons for a discounted price (6250 JPY per lesson). Those four lessons can be used flexible but have to take place within a period of two months.

Kids & Juniors

Special rate for children and youngsters who take weekly online classes with me.

30-minute lessons / 3300 JPY per lesson
45-minute lessons / 4500 JPY per lesson

Other Lesson Formats

For other lesson formats as in different lengths, group lessons, workshops, etc. please ask.


Dennis Frehse holding a cymbal in front of a black background.