Prices & Plans

There are no hidden costs to my drum lessons – no membership or enrollment fees, etc. You just pay for the lesson or monthly plan that you decide on.

Private LessonPrice
One 60 Minute Lesson
total freedom, no commitments, just one lesson
6000 Yen
4x 60 Minute Lessons
(recommended for students who take lessons on a regular basis)

You purchase lessons in packages of 4. This means that once you pay,
you will have committed to receiving 4 lessons. These lessons do not
have to be weekly, they can occur whenever you like, but within a period of 4 months.
22000 Yen
(5500 Yen per lesson)

Monthly lessons for Kids & Young Learners
(High school age and under)

For kids and young learners, it is recommended to take lessons on a regular basis, at least 3 times a month if not weekly.

Three or more 30-minute lessons per month3000 Yen
(per lesson)
Three or more 45-minute lessons per month4000 Yen
(per lesson)
Three or more 60-minute lessons per month5000 Yen
(per lesson)

The lesson fees for one month should be paid before the first lesson of each month. Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

Free 30 Minutes Trial Lesson / Consulting SessionPrice
Meet me and find out if my lessons will suit you!

Just send me a message and let me know for who the lesson will be (you or a
child, teenager, … ). Also let me know your available days and times.
Please note that I am based in Japan and my time zone is Asia/Tokyo UTC +9
It’s free!

Get in touch with me!