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中村 健吾トリオ | Kengo Nakamura Trio

October 7, 2023
start: 19:30
@ The Moment Jazzclub

中村 健吾 / Kengo Nakamura (Bass)
松本 茜 / Akane Matsumoto (Piano)
デニス・フレーゼ / Dennis Frehse (Drums)

Phone: 03-3417-1700

Kengo Nakamura “Jazz Alliance”

October 14, 2023
start: 11:00
@ Yamagata Jazz Festival (山形ジャズフェスティバル)

Kengo Nakamura (bass)
Dennis Lambert (piano)
Dennis Frehse (drums)

Dennis Frehse holding a cymbal in front of a black background.