Drum Lessons

Welcome to my Online Drum School!

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It doesn’t matter to me if you are a complete beginner or advanced player, hobbyist or aspiring professional. I am happy to work with anybody interested in exploring the art of drumming, improvisation and making music in a fun and relaxed yet instructive atmosphere.

Enjoy flexible lessons that match your scheduling needs, combined with the convenience of remote learning.

Lesson Style

With my lessons, I want to help and to inspire every student to make their musical goals and dreams come true, and to become a well-rounded and creative drummer and musician!
Individual support is very important to me because everyone has different interests, approaches, and needs; therefore my lessons are always custom-tailored to each student.

Thematically, I am open to work on anything you are interested in, may it be learning musical styles, learning songs, working on technique and coordination, or learning to improvise and to play the drums creatively.
I am also happy to work on general topics like rhythm & ear training, reading music, music theory or how to play in a band.

Drumming and making music is a lot of fun and with knowledge about how things can be done and what should better be avoided, it will be even more fun!!

Generally, I strongly believe that besides learning how to make great music and to develop a musical taste, having a good technique, sound and control is very important – no matter what style of music you play.
Not only will it let you execute your ideas freely around the instrument – you will also sound professional because most times, it is not so much what you play but how you play it that makes the difference… and that comes from good hands and feet!
So far, all of my students who have spent time with me working on technical studies improved their overall playing tremendously… and no worries – this can be done with fun and creativity as well!

Kids Lessons A cute handwritten graphic of a kid playing drums smiling.

I love working with kids and there is no lower age limit for my lessons.
For young kids, I recommend that an adult is close by during the lessons, just in case something goes wrong technically. It might also help the kid to get comfortable with the remote situation in case he or she hasn’t done this yet. 

If you are interested in having your child taking lessons with me, let’s give it a try and see how it works out. It should be fun and enjoyable for the kids!

A child wearing blue ear protection headphones is playing a drum set in a private lesson.

What do you need for the online lessons?

Besides a practice pad or drum set of any kind – all you need is a fast enough internet connection and ideally a laptop or desktop computer, plus the free Skype or Zoom software.
Using that software on a computer will allow you to adjust the sound settings in order to transmit your instrument’s sound clearly. Smartphones and tablets can work too but the software settings are still limited and most often they don’t pick up the drums well enough.
If you don’t have access to a computer, it is possible to work around that issue by muffling the drums more than usual or by taking other measures. I can assist you if necessary.
If you work with practice pads, it is usually much less of a problem compared to an acoustic instrument.

Besides that I recommend using headphones for the lesson. The sound quality and clarity will improve noticeably.

My Setup
I use a laptop connected to the internet via cable, an external webcam for a clean picture, and a USB microphone for a clear sound. For headphones I am using earbuds with an extension cable.

You want to get started but don’t have a drumset or practice pad yet?!

Absolutely no problem! You can start learning coordination, rhythms and technique with just your bare hands and feet! This is no joke and actually a great exercise for any drummer to improve technical and motor skills.

Lessons Fees & Plans

Some students may want to take just a single lesson or some lessons now and again, others want to study on a regular basis … That is all OK with me and I will be happy to match your needs!

Usually, for beginners and intermediate students, I recommend taking lessons on a fairly regular basis. For kids and young learners, I highly recommend a regular schedule.

Private Lessons (full flexibility)Price
One 60 Minute Lesson
total freedom, no commitments, just one lesson
6000 Yen
4x 60 Minute Lessons
(recommended for students who take lessons on a regular basis)

You purchase lessons in packages of 4. This means that once you
pay, you will have committed to receiving 4 lessons.
These lessons do not have to be weekly, they can occur whenever
you like, but within a period of 4 months.
22000 Yen
(5500 Yen per lesson)

Monthly lessons for Kids & Young Learners
(High school age and under)

Three or more 30-minute lessons per month
3000 Yen
(per lesson)
Three or more 45-minute lessons per month
4000 Yen
(per lesson)
Three or more 60-minute lessons per month
5000 Yen
(per lesson)

Before each month we will decide the number of lessons and the dates.
The lesson fees should be paid before the first lesson of each month.
Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

About the teacher…

I have been teaching drums for more than 20 years – privately, at various music schools and given workshops to a wide range of students.

I  am currently teaching in the Jazz Department at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Kawasaki/Japan and I give private lessons out of my home studio via Skype or Zoom.

Do you have more Questions?
Feel free to ask
me anything!