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Welcome to my Online Drum School!
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As well as being a passionate live performer, I am also a dedicated and enthusiastic drum teacher with more than twenty years of teaching experience. I teach privately, and I have also taught at various music schools and given workshops to a wide range of students.

My hope is to help others to achieve their own musical goals and dreams, whether it be just for fun, or to pursue a career in music.

I am currently teaching at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Kawasaki/Japan and I give online private lessons using Skype and Zoom.

Online lessons work great and they give you the chance to study with teachers from many places around the world! … You can enjoy your lessons from the comfort of your own home… or wherever you happen to be. I highly recommend it.

Who do I teach

I welcome students of all ages and it doesn’t matter to me if you are a complete beginner or advanced player, hobbyist or aspiring professional. I am happy to work with anybody interested in exploring the art of drumming and creating music in a fun and relaxed yet instructive atmosphere.

Kids Lessons A cute handwritten graphic of a kid playing drums smiling.

I love working with kids and there is no lower age limit for my lessons, as long as the child is able to concentrate and follow instructions. 

If you are interested in having your child taking lessons with me, let’s give it a try and see how it works out. It should be fun and enjoyable for the kids!

A child wearing blue ear protection headphones is playing a drum set in a private lesson.

What do you need for the online lessons?

All you need is a fast enough internet connection and ideally a laptop or desktop computer, plus the Skype or Zoom app. Using the software on a computer will allow you to adjust the sound settings in order to transmit your instrument’s sound clearly.

Smartphones and tablets can work too but the software settings are limited and most often they don’t pick up the drums well enough.

If you don’t have access to a computer, it is possible to work around that issue by muffling the drums more than usual or by taking other measures. I can assist you if necessary.

My Setup
I use a laptop connected to the internet via cable, an external webcam for a clean picture, and a USB microphone for a clear sound.

If you want to upgrade your setup for the lessons, I recommend getting an external condenser microphone at first (USB or via audio interface). The internal microphones are usually built for voice transmission and therefor don’t sound good on musical instruments.

Lessons & Prices

Some students may want to take just a single lesson or lessons now and again, others want to study on a regular basis … That is all OK with me and it’s totally up to you!

Usually, for beginners and intermediate students, I recommend taking lessons on a fairly regular basis. For kids’ lessons, I highly recommend a regular schedule.

A 60 minutes single lesson costs 6000 Yen.
For kids and young learners, I offer a discount. Click here for prices.

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